Feb. 21, 2023

The College of Their Dreams with Josh Aronovitch #91

Josh Aronovitch is a graduate of George Washington University (2000) and Harvard Law School (2003).  He lives in Southern New Jersey.  In 2008 he left law practice to launch the Aronovitch Coaching Experience.   Since then he has helped over 1600 teens and twenty somethings transform their lives. He helps them get into the colleges and grad schools of their dreams by mastering standardized tests like the SAT, LSAT and more while becoming more powerful learners and leaders.  He also coaches students on navigating the college admissions process with more joy and less stress and on finding their path, purpose, and passion in life.  His teen leadership coaching program, the Empowered Leadership Circle is currently accepting applications.  He is the Amazon best selling author of The College of Their Dreams: What Every Parent Needs to Help Their Teens. 



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