Oct. 28, 2021

Interview with Ronny Camacho Episode 28

Ronny is my personal trainer and very close friend (family) this will be a life changing talk with this awesome trainer and God fearing man..

Celebrity Trainer, Contest Prep & Nutritional Consultant, Life Coach

Fitness has been a constant factor in my life starting with soccer and martial arts as a child, and football, baseball, basketball and boxing as I became older.  As an adult, I started working out with weights to get stronger on the ground since a lot of people started doing Jiu Jitsu and I wanted to have an edge. I watched my first bodybuilding show in college while attending University of Hawaii (Shawn Ray was guest posing) and I was hooked immediately.  I did everything I could to learn from the old timers who I felt knew their stuff and read everything I could get my hands on. I moved to LA in 1999 to pursue bodybuilding since it was the Mecca. A few of my achievements are the 2003 Tournament of Champions overall title, the 2004 Mr. California title which cemented me as one of the best bodybuilders not just in the state but in the nation. I now educate and train the foundations of transforming the body, such as nutrition, weight training, body mechanics and mental preparation to all individuals regardless of age, gender or fitness level. I am also one of the head coaches at Physique Inc., which specializes in contest preparation and getting individuals ready to compete in Fitness shows.

My training philosophy is that everything starts with the mind and then transfers to the body which I implement daily not just with my clients, but with myself and my family. The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing how individuals develop not just physically but also mentally.

One of my most important and rewarding roles has been as a Life Coach, Youth Outreach Specialist and Motivational Speaker. Through my over 20 years in the  industry I have learned that it is as much mental as it is physical to attain success.  I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of motivating individuals to change their lives regardless of how bad they think their situation is. I thrive on helping the underdog or someone in difficult situations. Speaking at schools is definitely one of my favorite things to do so I can try to impact and give the next generation the motivation to go after their dreams whatever they may be. I am working on a t-shirt line that focuses on motivation, hard work and positivity that will be out very soon.

I take pride in being accessible to my clients for whatever their needs may be, especially staying on the right path during the tough times in and out of the gym. I believe that education on proper exercise techniques and healthy lifestyles accompanied by positive support is a winning combination. Helping you achieve your goals by being there throughout the journey is what drives me.

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