March 1, 2022

Interview With Nate and Arielle Episode #46

Interview With Nate and Arielle Episode #46

Arielle and Nathaniel Simpson

It has been our  dream to bring together the skills and focus needed to be in the best   physical and mental shape one can be in. This dream was born of the  founders Arielle and Nate’s idea to unite their respective professions.  Arielle, as mental health therapist, and Nate, as a personal trainer,  saw the struggles each of our respective clients had as they tried to  address one side of the picture. These clients needed to change their  ways of thinking and their habits in order to achieve their physical  goals, or they needed to engage in regular exercise practices to  jump start an improved mental state.

Life Fitness Group is a  mental and physical fitness coaching company. We emphasize the  importance of strengthening your mind and body to achieve optimal levels  of performance, success, and happiness. Life Fitness Group offers  direct coaching/ consulting services using motivational interviewing  skills and principles of behavioral activation, to create a customized  plan for mental and physical fitness development. Life Fitness Group  focuses on providing mental and emotional coping, as well as physical  fitness coaching to help clients move towards their desired outcomes in  the safest fastest way possible.

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