March 21, 2022

Interview with Donna Castillo #49

Interview with Donna Castillo #49

Donna Castillo

Ass kicker and 2 time cancer survivor.

Wife  to an awesomely fast husband, this year marks our 22nd anniversary.   Mother of 2 teenage boys, Gabe is 15 and Max is 14. I describe my kids  as pineapples, tough on the outside and sweet on the inside, just like  myself.

I am co-owner of a motorcycle track organization and work part-time at a private ranch in Malibu.

Myself  and my kids now train KRAV Maga in Ventura. I have some history with  the school owner Robby aka: Robert or Master Adelman. Met him about 20  years ago while training Taekwondo under Master Russell Seveney and  Master Kirby Harvey.

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