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Jay E. Walker

Jay Evan Walker has spent his adult life in the fitness, martial arts, and healthcare industry. He spends his days working with patients as an Occupational Therapy Assistant regain their quality of life after life altering diseases and injuries. At night he is your friendly neighborhood Krav Maga Instructor.
Jay has trained in numerous martial arts since the mid 80’s obtaining the rank of black belt as a 4th degree in Tae Kwon Do and as a 2nd in Krav Maga. Martial Arts and fitness are his true passions. Striving to be better in both areas has led him to competing through the 90’s in point fighting and later in cage fighting competing in his last fight at the age of 39.
Jay’s focus now is on transformation challenges and biohacking to reach the best human potential at the age of 51. During the pandemic, Jay went through a time where the doctors did not know if he had pancreatic cancer or a cyst because of the restrictions on healthcare due to Covid 19. After finding out that it was a benign cyst, Jay has focused most of his time on training, nutrition, and forms of holistic recovery to reach his highest physical and mental potential.