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Giovanni Negron-Garcia

Author of Passion, Purpose, and the Pursuit of Happiness and CEO of GioEffect LLC

Giovanni Negron-Garcia is the CEO/Owner of GioEffect Life Coaching and Public Speaking, LLC and an International Best-Selling Author. Giovanni is born and humbled in Reading, PA, a city that is defined by crime, poverty, and corruption. Giovanni is a dynamic speaker and bestselling author who speaks upon his journey. Giovanni encountered numerous battles with his mental and physical health. In 2021, Giovanni reached the weight of 366 lbs, which set the course of his life ending by the age of 35. Through discipline and soul searching, Giovanni reclaimed his health and lost over 200lbs in less than a year! Giovanni claims that he had to redefine his passion and purpose, so that he can share his gifts with the world and claim the glory he almost lost. Mr. Negron-Garcia has become an inspiration around the nation, as he displays his message of, "Go.Inspire.Others". Giovanni believes that everyone has a gift to share with the world and that will contribute to their legacy. Mr. Negron-Garcia helps underprivileged professionals achieve their goals and dreams based on their career aspirations