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Frankie McConnell 6th degree black belt
Master Frankie McConnell is the head instructor of Acton Karate & Krav Maga in Acton, California. He began studying martial arts in his hometown of Marshall, Texas in 1989, learning the traditional Korean art of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan (currently known as Soo Bahk Do) under Masters Poole, Duncan, and Smith - who were themselves students of Grandmaster Hwang Kee's son, H.C. Hwang.
In 1993, he converted to the American Tang Soo Do (original Chuck Norris ), earning his First Dan (degree) black belt in the spring of 1994. He currently holds the 6th Dan Master black belt, and is working towards his 7th Degree.

Through his training as a Martial Artist, Master McConnell has learned that mind, body, and spirit all work together to create a strong personal unity. His teaching gives his students not only the technical knowledge of martial arts, but focuses as well on the proper mindset to achieve each student's personal goals - both in and out of the studio. With a positive and supportive philosophy, extensive background in the Martial Arts, and a large network of affiliated martial arts studios and styles, Acton Karate & Krav Maga provides the student with the knowledge and the confidence to reach for their dreams!

Rank in the ATSDA Black Belt 6th Dan ATSDA #363 Chatsworth Karate #22

Sports & Achievements
Middle school Football, 4 years, 1 year freshman HS.
Jr. High Track team Pole Vault, 7th, 8th, 9th grades
High School Track team, Marshall Sr. High Pole Vault Sr Year District Champs

1st Place - Lone Star Bench Press Classic 1986 (355 lbs)
Moved on to 165-lb Bench Press class (top lift 365 lbs)
Personal Best - 375 lbs

Christina Ricci
Judy Greer
Fight training in “Cursed “ by Wes Craven 2003
Joshua Croughwell, Star Trek; insurrection, Planet of the Apes, hulk
Cameron Croughwell, stunts, Geostorm, Planet of the Apes, Hulk, Animal Kingdom
Callie Croughwell, actress, Iron Man, Planet of the Apes
Jordan Warrack, stunts, fight training, Thor, Captain America, Batman V Superman, Fantastic Four, Magnificent Seven
Chad Dashnaw, Kimberly Dashnaw, stunts, fight training, Lone Ranger, Thor, Westworld, From dusk Til Dawn (series), Fantastic Four, Batman Vs Superman, The Magnificent Seven
Jake Dashnaw, stunts, Spy Kids, Hateful Eight, Magnificent Seven
Alexander Gould, actor, Finding Nemo, Weeds
J. Eddie Peck, actor, Kyle XY, All My Children

6th Degree Black Belt in American Tang Soo Do

Tournament champion and competitor:
4th place - Amateur Breaking Nationals (1994)
1st place - Breaking, 3rd place Sparring- ATSDA Fall Tournament (1994)
1st place - Black Belt Team Sparring, 3rd place Black Belt Sparring - High Desert Classic (1994)
3rd place - USKL Breaking Champion - USKL Championship (1995)
2nd Place - Breaking Division - Earthquake Classic Tournament (1996)
3rd Place - Black Belt Continuous Sparring - Las Vegas Winter Nationals (1997) fought against Cung Le

Desert Winds Soccer League Coach 1997- 2001, 2010-2016, Coached 15 teams, DWSL Sponsor Acton Karate, DWSL Vice President 2013-2016

Eastern Hills Church of Christ , Marshall Texas. Quartz Hill Church of Christ, Quartz Hill, CA

Hobbies include riding dirt bikes, camping, snowboarding, water sports with family. Watching our two kids participate in their sports, Varsity High School Cheer, JV softball, Sr. little league football team quarterback, pony league baseball. Varsity Baseball

Together with his students, Master McConnell looks forward to working with you on your journey through martial arts.

Acton Karate & Krav Maga

Acton Karate opened in the summer of 1994 under the leadership of Master Frankie McConnell.  Master McConnell has been training in the martial arts for over 33 years.  He holds a 6th dan Master black belt in the art of American Tang Soo Do under the guidance of Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa, who was a student of Chuck Norris and Pat Johnson. Blue Belt in MMA IFMMA  Has trained in other arts and styles as well, Krav Maga, MMA,  jiujitsu, arnis, , sambo, muay thai, kung fu san soo.  

Acton Karate & Krav Maga is an affiliate school with the International Federation of Mixed Martial.  Affiliate school of the American Krav Maga Association level one and level two, Krav Maga Alliance level one & level two, Krav Maga Worldwide level one.

Master McConnell and his team are in partnership with Assemblyman Tom Lackey in his fight against domestic violence. Hundreds of women and teens have attended the workshop in the Antelope Valley in 2017 and 2018, 2019